North Berkeley BART Development Design Objectives

Embrace the transformation of the North Berkeley BART station as a welcome opportunity to provide visionary leadership on how to help address the housing crisis and provide improved public transportation in a manner that respects community values and enhances the quality and character of the neighborhood.

1. YES! to High-Quality Design: Use high quality urban design to create attractive residential architecture and pleasant public spaces that are safe, useful, and that complement the character and quality of the surrounding neighborhood.

2. YES! to Complete the Greenway: Take advantage of BART’s restrictions on building over the existing station box by using this area as an open space corridor that serves as an extension of the Ohlone Greenway in which pedestrians and bicyclists, vehicles dropping-off and picking-up BART passengers, BART service vehicles, temporary retail services (e.g., food trucks) and other uses that are appropriate on a “mini-Main Street” can be accommodated.

3. YES! to Affordable Homes: Ensure that a maximum feasible number of homes in the project are affordable to low-income families of diverse household types and sizes.

4. YES! to Safe Streets: Reduce car traffic, promote street safety, and mitigate for any reduced passenger access to BART from the removal of the parking lot by providing other alternatives to driving to and parking at the station (e.g., carpools, ride-shares, better bus service, bicycles, small electric vehicles, etc.). Design access and parking elements to minimize potential conflicts between vehicles and people. Design for adaptability to future transportation technologies and shared mobility opportunities.

5. YES! to Neighborhood-Serving Shops: Limit the retail commercial space in the project to small-scale facilities and pop-up shops that provide goods and services that will benefit both BART riders and nearby residents.